New Year, New Iola

Last year, Taylor and I decided to start a web-magazine where we could host (and pay writers for) Black feminist takes on pop culture. Many of you probably remember the Kickstarter we launched over the summer– you might have even donated. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach our fundraising goal, which meant we couldn’t pay writers for pieces.

The good news is Taylor and I still needed a place where we could write about the things that matter most to us: Black feminism and popular culture. 

So Iola is taking a new form in 2020. Instead of a webmag, Taylor and I will be using the space to blog about our favorite (and least favorite and most challenging) pieces of pop culture this year. 

It may not be the grand enterprise we envisioned last year, but we have the space, and we’re going to use it. 

Stay tuned for when our first pieces drop!


Ravynn and Taylor

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Ravynn K. Stringfield is a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at William & Mary. Her research focuses on Black women and girls in new media narratives that are fantastic, futuristic and/or digital in nature. She is also a dog mom, new yogi and hazelnut latte enthusiast.

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